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10/1/06 11:24 am

ok so i haven't been here in ages. and now i can remember why. everyone on here is so stupid. geez, why would anyone WANT to get an ed? it's hell, and it's not cool.

6/1/06 04:02 pm

the community pro anorexia has become a joke. i used to like it and actually feel some support, but now i feel like i am reading some stupid page full of tips on how to be and "AnA GoDdEsS" geez. wtf? why do people call themselves this and throw themselves into a disease like this?

seriously, if i read another "i'm new to this whole thing" i'm going to explode.

5/20/06 06:42 pm

bleh. binge on cereal this morning. =[[[[[

i'm going to start to count my binge free days. tomorrow will be day 1.

5/18/06 07:50 pm

fasted today =]

0 cals intake
400 outake

anyways seeing the da vinci code tomorrow--can't wait!!

5/17/06 01:00 am

wtf is wrong with me?

i really have to stop bingeing. PRONTO!

the goal is to either fast or eat hardly anything tomorrow, we'll see where it goes from there. it will be soo much easier since it's not the weekend.

the mag lev race thing is tomorrow and it'll be fun but the bad part is that after we're supposed to have pizza and soda. hurru,ph i'm going to be "sick" for that and just sit out the eating and watch everyone else get fat.

5/12/06 12:58 am

starting the 2468 thing, i guess.

200 today =] good start. i ate--

kashi bar 170
salad 30


hula hooping 400
bike 200

so yeah. not too bad. =]

5/10/06 10:14 pm

wow. i have absolutely no self control. (fat ass!!!) i swore to no bongeinng and guess what? BINGE...had about 1800 cals today...not so high i'm on the verge of dying, and yet this really sucks. (geez you fatty!) anyways from now on as lttle food as possible and as much exercise as possible.

5/9/06 07:32 pm

cereal 500
broccoli 100
soup 100
fluff sammy 100

total 800. i had some veggies too, but some of the other totals i rounded up-so yeah.

hula hooping 600
bike 400

total 1000.

doing floor exercises and such in a bit.

5/8/06 08:15 pm


although it wasn't the worst i've done, i ended up having like 1500 cals today. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr etc. i was going to have 200 but no! i had to figure that i needed more energy so i could eat a little. a little something ended up being way way way way too much. i'm such a failure and i hate myself. i am determined to be binge free from now on. tomorrow is day one!

today's damage--

apple/yogurt 100 cals
salad/broccoli 100 cals

that should have been it but no! geez why can't i keep my porky mouth shut. i also ate--

hummus/pita 400 cals
cereal 900 cals

i hate this. i've already gained. this shit is going to stop now.

5/7/06 02:20 am

watched saw, even though i already saw saw 2, so i guess i should say i saw the prequel to saw 2, but whatever. it was pretty disturbing, but really good over all. =]

800 today, stuck to the plan for the most part. i ate:

puffins 200
soup 200
soup 200
veggies 200

yup. went pretty well and i didn't b/p AND i wasn't depressed. sheesh 2 hits in a row! very nice, lets hope this continues.
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